~~•SAVE THE DATE•~~❡❡14.•JUNI — ab•22•Uhr•(open•doors•21:30)❡In•der•Zukunft•{tief} — ostkreuz❡ ❡pUnK•iS•meInE•fREuNDiN❡❡~~•KONZERT•~~# ## Band(s): WRACKSPURTSBloody Marys Band (https://bloodymarysband.com)miGRRRäneFsplizz ## AftershowDjane: Djane-Team: Fish&Candy (Vinyl): All female Punk, Powerpop und Garage — DIE playlist zum Konzert —https://open.spotify.com/user/io0hgk5mgfe5u4ytt7drx0um2/playlist/1JEcgNrUGb5UoRFWDYvjGl?si=4_HuVaMBTG292edM_UGsbA

#ONK2018: Soli-Waffeln und Silent Disco

+++in aller Kürze+++ am 2.Juni 2018 ab 15:00 Soli-Waffeln, Mini-Donuts, Smoothies vom Fahrradmixer und die Pro Asyl Ausstellung “Asyl ist Menschenrecht” ab 22:00 Silent Disco mit Best of 90s, DJane Reni Tenz, DJ Vadom und DJ* Xelein Alles im Rahmen des Offen Neukölln Festivals (ONK) +++In Short+++ from 3 p.m. waffles, mini-donuts, smoothies from our Read more about #ONK2018: Soli-Waffeln und Silent Disco[…]

Solidarity Concert – March 10th @K9

KaputKrauts & See What Happens Larry (live) Saturday, March 1oth 8:30pm – 4:00am K9 Größenwahn & Leichtsinn Kinzigstr. 9, 10247 Berlin The much-loved Kaput Krauts will play a solidarity concert at K9 Größenwahn & Leichtsinn, this time also live on stage See What Happens Larry. The money goes to KommRin e.V., an organisation which finances private accommodation for refugees. Read more about Solidarity Concert – March 10th @K9[…]

Spendensalat – Vote for KommRin!

Today Jule and Vroni talk about the idea of KommRin and why you should support our aim. Until February 12th you can vote for us during the campaign of Spendensalat. If we raise enough clicks we’ll get 500€ for our organisation. Please follow the link. https://www.stadtfarm.de/spendensalat/einrichtungen/kommrin-e-v/

We made it! Thanks.

Cheers fellows, even if you can’t see or smell any alcohol anymore this beer from Quartiermeister you can support during the whole year. They did the same for us. Thanks to all of you who voted for us. Happy new year. http://quartiermeister.org/de/berlin/projektfoerderung/185

anti-racist wintermarket @JUP

On December 9th we attended the fantastic wintermarket of  Unabhängigen Jugendzentrums JUP (independent youth center) in Berlin-Pankow. As one part of the DIY handcraft room the kids could tinker their own fancy paper for christmas. Only necessary some potatoes and coulorful finger paint. The young artists created real masterpieces, e.g. a rainbow-fir tree. At the wintermarket the Read more about anti-racist wintermarket @JUP[…]