KommRin Soli Elektro-Bingo

short version

from 7 pm waffles and the exhibition “asylum is a human right” by Pro Asyl

9 pm Bingo play with the best Bingo Master of the World
10 pm Silent Disco with Best of Trap, Bass, HipHop and your all-time favourites

more information

KommRin e.V. and the Hobel Bar invite you to have a look at the exhibition “Asyl ist Menschenrecht” (by PRO ASYL). Impressive posters present information on relevant events, political developments and asylum regulations.

With homemade, sweet-smelling waffles and drinks you can let the information have its effect. You can also purchase the best gifts for friends*and family: Sponsor memberships and jute bags. You can help the solidarity with each other a little, because all donations flow directly into the financing of private living space of newcomers.

From 9 pm we play bingo with you and in the end there are winnings, winnings, winnings. The luck decides.

Where there is planing, there are chips. Where music sounds, there is dancing. From 22:30 we invite you to dance on quiet soles and with headphones on your ears. This entry was posted in Allgemein. Bookmark the permalink. Edit