We’ll Come United

About 7.500 refugees, activists and supporters demonstrated on Saturday, 16th September 2017 together, peace- and colourful for their right of permanent residence and freedom of movement Bleiberecht but against deportations, especially to Afghanistan as well as their right of education and family reunification. Overall 20 theme-trucks led the demonstrators from the Federal Ministery of the Interior to Kreuzberg. Many of the Refugees came via 30 busses from all over Germany to Berlin to raise their unheared voices.

KommRin showed their solidarity and organised some complimentary food supply served during the setup of the trucks. Thanks to food saving, dedicated cooks and bakers we could give fresh meals and drinks to many of the demonstrators. Glorious blue sky moved us to put on our pink wigs and of course join the parade. We thank the organisers and spokespersons from We’ll Come United Initiative.


photo credit: Alarm Phone via Twitter