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here to stay

What does it mean to the people we support, when they don’t have to worry about their rent, even if it’s just for two months? We asked A. that question when we visited him this monday in his flat he shares with two other people. A. contacted us directly and asked for our assistance. Before he found his current accomodation A. only had temporary places to stay. He slepts at friends‘ places or on the street, until two months ago the brother of a friend took him in. The daily search for a place to stay came to an end and A. was now able to start an online German course and look for a job. „Without a room you can’t do anything“ he says. We agreed to finance his rent partially which gives him the chance to start a course for paramedics. „A place to stay gives you the chance to get your life in order.“ A. said.

In his freetime A. makes music with a little group of people. He plays for friends and thanks them with his music for their help and generosity. He always looks for a place to perform with his band, so if you know a place or en event then let us know.

In order to support more people like A. we need more money. Your support gives other people the chance to start a decent life in Berlin. We are very grateful for all the support up to now, but more is needed. You can donate here.